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A tip on how to draw

Sometimes I notice, that when you're drawing, you forget that people have a head. You draw a fave up to the forhead. Then you just draw hair, making their head look flat at the forehead. I suggest drawing a bald head first before drawing hair onto them ok? Just a little tip so your animations don't look as junky.

Wow, that was just mad crazy

Sup Jstn,

That was crazy. W/ Boom Boom DDR and COlin from Who's Line. HA! I give it a 5 y 10! w00t!

Adept-Omega responds:

Woah! I recognize your name! You're that guy who had the great music from the audio portal, aren't you?

I'm flattered you came to view my movie. Thank you for the feedback, and keep up the good work on your end as well!

Pretty good actually

Even though this animation was fairly repeptetive, it's better than what I can do. And I'm sure it's better than what most you can do out there. So think before criticizing peoples work. Could you do better?

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Trippin on "E"

Wow, this sounds like a song that would be a underground club full of drugees!

I love it! It's awesome how you had multiple sounds going on without them clashing into eachother if you know what I mean.

Perfect score! Well, almost . . . 5/5 and a 7/10 becuase there are lots of other DnB/Trance loops in Audio Portal, but this one happens to be one of the better ones!

Blue haired huh?

This song is awesome through and through.

czer323, this has got to be THE best mellow track I've heard. EVER!

I especially like the whistling part. That made the song DEEP.

This song really made me think about the things I take for granted in life . . .

Is soright . . .

I hate this song!

That's what I was saying before I heard the excellent part.

This song is cool. I like it a lot. Not good as Linkin Park but your style is different so I didn't dock you becuase of that.

Good job czer323.

Sup ya'll! It's all about that AzN pride!!! XD

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